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majalla in washington

Standing Up for Democracy

By Richard Fontaine In its 2018 National Defense Strategy, released in January, the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump correctly …

Hanan al-Shaykh: “I am Tired of Being Referred to as an Arab Feminist Writer”

by Yasmine El-Geressi Hanan al-Shaykh is an award-winning journalist, novelist and playwright, and one of the Arab world’s most acclaimed …

The Italian Mafia and ISIS: An Unlikely Alliance

TRIPOLI-SICILY: Abdelsattar Heitita and Guiseppe Pipitone This is a dark story. Dark like the cloaks of the Libyan militia who …

Saudi Energy Minister Falih: 1 Mln Bpd Output Rise “Good Target”

Vienna – Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said on Thursday increasing oil supply by 1 million barrels per day would …

Artist Captures War as Seen by Children – Toys Included

Beirut/Debaga Camp, Iraq – U.S. photographer Brian McCarty wants you to see the horrors of war, but through the eyes …

ISIS. Diminished, but still dangerous

By The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Silence is golden, particularly when it involves the ISIS. But silence can also be …
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