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Making Syria Safe for Refugees

How to Head Off a Humanitarian Crisis by Alexander Decina As Russia’s “de-escalation plan” for the ongoing war in Syria …

Founder of the Brussels-Based European Foundation for Democracy: Sleeper Cells Are a Challenge for National and EU Law Enforcement Agencies

by Joud Halawani Al-Tamimi and Yasmine El-Geressi Roberta Bonazzi, founder of the Brussels-based European Foundation for Democracy, focuses on prevention …

The Future of Iraq’s Shiite Militias After ISIS’ Defeat

y their Jeeps, Hummers, and light tank weaponry, and in December, drove ISIS from the area, which is sometimes called …

King Salman to Meet Iraqi PM as Regional Tensions at High

King Salman and the Iraqi prime minister will meet on Wednesday, their second meeting this year as the neighbors try …

The Middle East Shift – EU’s Role in Repairing the Imbalance of Power

by Fulvio Martusciello, Member of European Parliament, European People’s Party, and Jenny Cassen, political analyst based in Brussels While President …
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The Race for Deir Ez’zor

Are the US and Iran Headed for a Confrontation in Eastern Syria? by Yasmine El-Geressi ISIS has been defeated in …

Saudi Women Artists Address the Perils of Globalization and Urban Development

by Joud Halawani Al-Tamimi “Shift” is the first UK exhibition dedicated to Saudi women artists. Featuring the phenomenal Dana Awartani, …

The Names of Jihad

A Guide to ISIS’ Noms de Guerre by Vera Mironova The situation was solemn, but hidden smiles played behind the …

Awkwardness at the G-20

Could the Populist Influences Over the Summit be for the Better? by Rebecca Liao Each year, leaders of the G–20 …

Calling Pakistan’s Bluff

The Right Way to Stop the Taliban by Whitney Kassel and Philip Reiner As the Donald Trump administration has reviewed its plans to …
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A Deception Comes Undone

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Glorified Middlemen

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Diplomatic Fiasco

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