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The Attack on UK Foreign Aid

by Yasmine El-Geressi Revelations that Oxfam workers paid for prostitutes during Haiti’s 2010 earthquake has subjected the murky world of …

Lord Alderdice: Remainers Are Still Shocked and Traumatized by Brexit

by Nadia Turki Lord John Alderdice is a psychiatrist by profession, but as Leader of the Alliance Party of Northern …

The Italian Mafia and ISIS: An Unlikely Alliance

TRIPOLI-SICILY: Abdelsattar Heitita and Guiseppe Pipitone This is a dark story. Dark like the cloaks of the Libyan militia who …

Princess Reema: We Need to Get Over the Fixation on the Appearance of Saudi Women

London – Yasmine El-Geressi “I would like for the dialogue of what we look like to no longer be in …

Samira Said: My new album includes songs you would never expect from me

The great singer Samira Said has remained a huge star throughout the years and with each year she becomes stronger …

Liverpool’s Salah ‘On His Way’ to Messi Comparisons, Says Klopp

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah is on his way to reaching the elite level of Lionel Messi but has no interest …

Will The US Walk Away from the Iran Nuclear Deal?

by Dennis Ross* There has never been any doubt about how President Donald Trump views the JCPOA, the Iran nuclear …
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