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  • Lessons from a Captor

    Lessons from a Captor
    The flow of foreign jihadists into Syria has become a worrying problem. Over a year ago, the rate at which they were entering the country had surpassed that witnessed during the Afghanistan conf...


  • Editorial: Algeria’s Tragicomedy

    Editorial: Algeria’s Tragicomedy
    As presidential elections on April 17 draw nearer, Algerians are both protesting and joking about three-term President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s decision to run for an unprecedented fourth te...

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  • New War, Old Faces

    New War, Old Faces
    Despite the pre-war strength—on paper—of the Syrian armed forces, the fighting in Syria has stretched the limits of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s military resources. Now in its fo...
Hannah Lucinda Smith
Written by :
on : Wednesday, 6 Aug, 2014

Aleppo’s Real-Life Soap Opera

As the Syrian conflict drags into its fourth year it is disappearing from the world’s television screens. New crises in Gaza, Ukraine and Libya have pushed Syria’s war down the news agenda, and the messy dynamics between the government, the rebels and the Islamists mean it is almost impossible for foreign journalists to report on the ground. But a team of actors and producers in rebel-held Aleppo have brought the grisly realities of the war to a new audience. Banned in Syria was a Ra...

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Reza H. Akbari
Written by :
on : Tuesday, 29 Jul, 2014

Rouhani Goes to College

One of the biggest disputes between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s moderate administration and Iran’s conservative factions is centered on the issue of academic freedom. Conservative forces are attempting to stay in control of the country’s educational system, while the moderates are hoping to increase the autonomy of Iran’s universities. The outcome of this conflict will be a litmus test for the level of academic freedom permitted under the current administration. The regime’...

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Jonathan Cook
Written by :
on : Tuesday, 29 Jul, 2014

Stakes Rising in Israel

Israel’s effective loss of its only international airport for a couple of days last week—and the cloud of uncertainty that continues to hang over its operation in the futur...

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Tasbeeh Herwees
Written by :
on : Monday, 28 Jul, 2014

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Libya?

In the midst of massive political turmoil and militia violence last week, the Libyan High National Elections Commission finally released the results of the parliamentary elections ...

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José Ciro Martínez
Written by :
on : Sunday, 27 Jul, 2014

The Perils of Jordan’s Informal Sector

Bilal Hiyari was a restaurant manager. Within seconds of meeting him, he expresses how much he loves the heat of the kitchen, the pleasantries with customers, and the constant ...

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Nasser Arrabyee
Written by :
on : Saturday, 26 Jul, 2014

Recriminations in Sana’a

The capture of the province of Amran and its capital by Houthi rebels earlier this month ignited a storm of recrimination in Yemen’s politics. That storm that continued to ra...

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Mona Alami
Written by :
on : Thursday, 24 Jul, 2014

Business as Usual in Lebanon

Writer Michael Karam vacations every summer in his mountain house. He sits in his garden overlooking the verdant Bekfaya region typing his latest commentary on Lebanese politics an...

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Thomas W. Lippman
Written by :
on : Wednesday, 23 Jul, 2014

Entering the Private Sector, But Where?

The most intriguing news stories to come out of Saudi Arabia in the past few weeks had nothing to do with oil or with any of the conflicts in the countries surrounding the Kingdom....

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Mehmet Solmaz
Written by :
on : Monday, 21 Jul, 2014

Turkey’s President: New and Improved?

The presidential elections on August 10 will be a crucial turning point in the history of Turkish democracy, as it marks the first time the president of the Republic will be direct...

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Peter Salisbury
Written by :
on : Sunday, 20 Jul, 2014

The Houthis’ Next Move

Fighting in Yemen between the Houthis, a Zaydi Shi'a rebel group, and tribal and Sunni Islamist militias has come within miles of Sana'a in recent weeks, sparking fears that th...

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