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Siemens’ Crimea Scandal

A Story of Desperate Moscow? by Maia Otarashvili The Russia and Crimea sanctions continue to make the region’s business environment …

Tony Blair: Public Opinion on Brexit is Changing

I See a Lot of New, Smart and Capable Leadership in the Region…and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the …

The Future of Iraq’s Shiite Militias After ISIS’ Defeat

y their Jeeps, Hummers, and light tank weaponry, and in December, drove ISIS from the area, which is sometimes called …

King Salman to Meet Iraqi PM as Regional Tensions at High

King Salman and the Iraqi prime minister will meet on Wednesday, their second meeting this year as the neighbors try …

Pascal Mashalani: I am Happy With the Success of My New Album

The Singer Makes a Triumphant Return and Promises She Won’t Be Disappearing Again by Nour Houda Bahlaq Despite taking a …

The Middle East Shift – EU’s Role in Repairing the Imbalance of Power

by Fulvio Martusciello, Member of European Parliament, European People’s Party, and Jenny Cassen, political analyst based in Brussels While President …
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