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Trump’s Paris Agreement Withdrawal in Context

by Ted Nordhaus, Alex Trembath The response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement on …

Conservative Candidate George Grant: “It Is Important That We Do Not Allow the Rhetoric of ‘Them and Us’ To Take Hold”

by Yasmine El-Geressi With the UK elections looming, Majalla spoke with George Grant, Conservative Party candidate for Bradford West, a …

The Future of Iraq’s Shiite Militias After ISIS’ Defeat

y their Jeeps, Hummers, and light tank weaponry, and in December, drove ISIS from the area, which is sometimes called …

King Salman to Meet Iraqi PM as Regional Tensions at High

King Salman and the Iraqi prime minister will meet on Wednesday, their second meeting this year as the neighbors try …

British “Supreme Leader” Strong and Stable No More

Theresa May Faces the Chill Wind Following a Disastrous Manifesto Launch by Joud Halawani Al-Tamimi and Raneem Hanoush During a …
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Iran-Backed Militia Extends its Reach

Al-Hashd al-Sha’abi Are a Direct Threat to Saudi Arabia and the GCC London: Majalla The Popular Mobilization Forces or al-Hashd …

The Political Awakening of Russia’s Youth

Putin Fears the New Generation of Protesters by Maia Otarashvii* Until recently, young Russian citizens have been known for their …

Russia’s Middle East Energy Diplomacy

How the Kremlin Strengthened Its Position in the Region by Ahmed Mehdi When the United States and the European Union …

How to Normalize Pakistan’s Nuclear Program

Two Key Problems U.S. Negotiators Should Address by Gaurav Kampani and Bharath Gopalaswamy Since the 2005 Indian–U.S. Civil Nuclear Agreement, a number of …

Libyan Ghosts – Searching for Truth After Qaddafi

by Robert F. Worth The Return: Fathers, Sons and the Land in Between. Hisham Matar. Random House, 2016. 256pp. In …
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A Deception Comes Undone

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Glorified Middlemen

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Diplomatic Fiasco

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