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The Price of Sustaining Assad

by Hanin Ghaddar* Based on statements by several senior administration officials, the U.S’ priority is now defeating ISIS. Although its …

Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa: Culture is the True Act of Resistance

by Nadia Turki A leading figure in the Arab culture and art scenes, H.E. Shaikha Mai has spearheaded national efforts …

The Future of Iraq’s Shiite Militias After ISIS’ Defeat

y their Jeeps, Hummers, and light tank weaponry, and in December, drove ISIS from the area, which is sometimes called …

How Saudi Arabia Is Stepping Up in Iraq

by Firas Maksad, Kenneth M. Pollack Some of the best news to come from the Middle East in a long …

Pascal Mashalani: I am Happy With the Success of My New Album

The Singer Makes a Triumphant Return and Promises She Won’t Be Disappearing Again by Nour Houda Bahlaq Despite taking a …

NFL Rallies Around Protesting Players Denounced by Trump

by James Oliphant and Valerie Volcovici REUTERS – NFL teams staged a show of solidarity with protesting players before Sunday’s …

The Middle East Shift – EU’s Role in Repairing the Imbalance of Power

by Fulvio Martusciello, Member of European Parliament, European People’s Party, and Jenny Cassen, political analyst based in Brussels While President …
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