South Sudan’s Injustice System: Law and Activism on the Frontline

Author: Rachel Ibreck

South Sudan has been at war for much of the last several decades. In her analysis of the South Sudanese legal system, Ibreck claims with great optimism that insecurity and violence have pushed the population to depend on the law to improve its security and welfare. Her study of the South Sudanese legal system—and the small band of activists who work in sometimes extremely difficult conditions to support it—is often inspiring: what is taken for granted in peaceful countries becomes more explicitly important and worth fighting for in war-torn countries such as South Sudan. The book describes the workings of the country’s formal legal system and analyzes the largely failed attempts to put in place stronger legal mechanisms to protect individual rights. Enlivened by fascinating case studies, her book gives a voice to the lawyers, volunteers, and activists (such as herself) who, in tough circumstances, have tried to make the system work better for average citizens.