Carla Haddad: Media Personalities Declared War On Me, I Responded With Love

Distinguished Lebanese TV Host Talks to Majalla About Her New Show 'Fi-Male’

Carla Haddad is best known for hosting popular TV shows 'Nojoom Bila Houdoud' and 'The Comedy' and recently dazzled audiences when she co-presented the Arab world's version of 'Dancing with the Stars'. Her humour, spontaneity and strong morals have helped propel her to become one of the most popular entertainers in Lebanon. The outstanding media personality spoke to Majalla about her new show 'Fi-Male'.

Q- How have people reacted to your new show which has been widely attacked? 

People’s reactions have been more than great and encouraging. My audience loved the show a lot, and this was clear from the ratings of the first few episodes. This pushes us forward as a team to work harder and present the best for our audience, which is largely my responsibility.

Q- Tell us about your show Fi-Male.

The show reflects my character. It is spontaneous, fun and genuine. The idea itself, from the way it is presented to the style of conversation, is different. What distinguishes it from the rest of the TV shows is the sense of comfort and spontaneity that allows the guest to show their real personality and brings them closer to their audience. 

Q- Do you feel more responsible today?

This isn’t the first time I present a show on my own. I previously hosted 'Nojoom Bila Houdoud' and 'The Comedy' I have also succeeded in co-presenting several shows such as 'Dancing with the Stars' and 'Ya Leil Ya Ein' with my husband, Tony Abou Jaoudeh. 

Today, I bring several years of experience to a show I have always dreamt of and I have worked hard to bring it to light. It is out of the ordinary. Audiences are fed up with traditional presenters and need someone that they can feel close to who presents quality work with simplicity.  This is what distinguishes me and my show.

Q- Many media personalities and shows on rival TV stations have launched a war on your show. Why do you think that is?

I don’t know. I have succeeded in my latest venture and viewing figures prove this.  I turn a blind eye to negative things. What I care about the most is presenting the best to my audience, living in peace with myself and others and feeling happy with what I do. It is difficult to satisfy the public, and I’ve achieved that. I don’t listen to negative comments and feedback, but I listen to constructive criticism. 

I discovered in the end that this propaganda has inadvertently served me and promoted my show. They didn’t do this willingly of course, but I treat all people with sincerity and love. What I care about is people’s positive feedback and this pushes me forward to achieve success.


Q- Do you take feedback from your audience into consideration to make improvements to the show?

Of course, I do. I always take people’s comments into consideration and I am known for this. I respond objectively to their comments, and this is proven by the great difference between the first and second episodes. 

Usually, shows don’t get high ratings from the first episode, but mine did, and this pleases me. I promise my audience that every episode will be different from the one before as it will be adapted to the guest. An episode with an artist will differ from one that features a politician or an athlete as each one will be prepared differently.

Q- How do you deal with rumours, particularly as they involve your marriage and divorce?

As I said earlier, I don’t care about negativity. However, this subject honestly saddens and bothers me, but I have decided not to care anymore. I decided to focus on my career and life. If I were to comment on what is negative, I will stand still instead of moving forward in my work. Their negative comments about me prove that I am bothering them.

Q- Are you a hot topic of discussion in the media?

Honestly, yes I am, especially lately with the start of my new show. I am happy with that because it proves I am successful and that I have a strong presence in the media.

Q- What do you promise your audience?

I promise to always be successful, to present strong and distinctive episodes, and to always meet my audience’s expectations. 


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