Rawan Tahtouh: I Will Appear in Two Series Next Ramadan

Rawan Tahtouh is a star who, since childhood, has been able to reserve her place in the Lebanese and Arab drama series. She has played several and distinctive roles and was a leading actress in many series. Acting is not a profession for her, rather a hobby she had since childhood. Her debut was playing the role of Buthaina (Bisi) in “Banat Ammati w Binti w Ana” series (My cousins, My Daughter and I), which was one of the most successful comedy series in the history of Lebanese television. She acted alongside some of the most important stars in the Lebanese drama: Ward al-Khal and Yorgo Shalhoub. 

In this interview, Tahtouh shares with us some details about her absence from acting and her significant return to the art scene.

*What is the difference between your debut at the age of 10 and your return today in the “Habibi al-Ladoud” series?
- In my debut I was very young and I had some fallen teeth. I was acting for fun, and it was a normal and beautiful experience for me. I used to finish my homework and go to the shooting site to have some fun and enjoy acting. However, today, playing Rima’s role in this series forces me to be responsible as there is an audience watching and there is a director who’s committed to my work and keen to preserve my image. I also feel like I should give more since I am acting alongside some veteran stars.

*You have acted twice with Yorgo Shalhoub. The first time was when you were a child and the second time is now in your current series. What has changed?
- I can say nothing has changed. I was surprised the first day I met Yorgo Shalhoub. He arrived on time, started acting and was serious and fully prepared. Today, Yorgo is himself committed to time, role and everything he does, and this is a proof of his professionalism.

* What is the secret behind your absence from acting for a long time? Who encouraged you to return?
- After my first experience, I was offered a lot of roles to play, but I refused to take them for being busy finishing my studies and building my future. Taking care of my studies is important to me. Later on, I received an offer to act in “Ishq al-Nisaa” series, which encouraged me to return to acting, and it was worth it.

*Participating is some of the most important drama series, including Amir al-Layl, Bilahza, Ishq al-Nisaa and Habibi al-Ladoud, the characters you played influenced your audiences. Which role did you prefer the most?
- They are all special and important for me. Each of these series required effort because all were long as they constituted about 60 episodes. I also have my own business away from acting, so I can’t be present more despite the many offers I receive.

*Do you enjoy public reactions on social media?
- I enjoy them a lot. The fans’ reactions are great, and I enjoy reading their comments on the roles I play. I would like to thank them for always encouraging me to improve myself.

* What do you think of the Arab TV industry today?
- The industry is great and presents important opportunities for actors in general regardless of his or her nationality. Amir al-Layl series, for example, was pure Arab. It included actors from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Morocco, which helped the series spread and achieve more success. It was an amazing experience for me.

* What is the difference between your work in the field of nutrition and acting?
- I can’t consider acting as a hobby because it takes a lot of my time, even more than that I spend in practicing my other job. I balance between both professions and can’t give acting less time since it surely would affect my public image.

* You have acted along with many stars throughout your career. With whom does Rawan Tahtouh look forward to acting with today?
- I look forward to acting with Arab actors such as Basel Khayyat and Taim Hassan. These two names popped into my head for now.

* Which TV series you appeared in was your favorite?
- “Habibi al-Ladoud” was the most challenging for me as it is not easy to appear in a show that had the serious premise of  love and war, even if there were some funny moments throughout the series. The themes of the show can also be difficult to present in a country like Lebanon. 

* Will you be appearing in a new Ramadan series?
- I will be appearing in two series this Ramadan, but I won’t say which ones; they’ll be a surprise. I can’t give any further information or details, but I can tell you that both are Arab series, not Lebanese.
* What do you think of the Lebanese cinema industry today?

Today many genres are competing in Lebanese cinema, and comedy is currently on top. It is my opinion that comedy is one genre that the Lebanese TV industry is greatly lacking. 

* Is there a possibility that you will act in a movie?
- Why not?  Of course I would, and I prefer it to be comedy. That would mean a lot to me. 

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