At “A World for Travel” Forum, CBS News Travel Editor Weighs In On Sustainability in Travel Industry

Peter Greenberg

Nîmes - The A World for Travel Forum took place last month in Nîmes, the heart of the Occitane region of Southern France, bringing together more than 100 speakers, dignitaries, academics, politicians, heads of global businesses and industries that touch travelers. 

The forum, which was held on October 27-28 for the second year in a row, discussed issues related to tourism, climate, and sustainability as well as building on conversations and outcomes of last year’s forum through focusing on the sustainable approach and in line with the 2030 United Nations sustainable development goals.

I had the opportunity to interview Peter Greenberg, an American Emmy award-winning producer, writer, radio broadcaster, television correspondent and currently the travel editor for CBS News.

With his long experience in the travel industry and having witnessed the first edition of the “A World for Travel” Forum, Greenberg has explained that the first edition of the forum has introduced the challenges that the travel industry was facing at the time and the importance of discussing the opportunities for growth and expansion. 

What fascinated Greenberg during the first edition of the forum was the number of attendees showing up and how much engagement was done inside the discussion rooms and on a virtual level where the forum was broadcasted online.

For this year’s edition where Greenberg is moderating many sessions, the CBS News editor has explained that this is the year to take concrete actions to transform industries affiliated with travel to move towards a sustainable travel industry especially after the COVID-19 era and the current political and economic issues the world is facing. 

Concerning the future edition of the forum in 2023, he said it would be the edition where results are discussed.

On the role of the private sector and its integration with the governmental institutions towards a sustainable travel industry, Greenberg explained that the private sector has a huge role in this transformation as this engagement would accelerate the process towards more efficient outcomes. 

He explained, “The process cannot be done individually by governments. Identifying the problem, educating all stakeholders including the private sector, and aligning together on the terms and conditions to drive such transformation is a must”. 

He added, “It’s not what it is costing you, it’s what it is worth. When such integration is done, both governments and the private sector will survive together, succussed together, and eventually make profits together.”


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