Egyptian Actor Hesham Selim Dies of Cancer at 64

Hesham Selim, pictured at Dubai International Film Festival in 2010, worked with Egypt’s biggest names in TV and film during his five-decade-long career. Credit: Getty Images

The Egyptian media announced the death of the great Egyptian actor Hesham Selim on Thursday, at 64, after battling cancer.

The Acting Professions Syndicate announced in a statement that prayers for Selim will be held at the Police Mosque in Sheikh Zayed after afternoon prayer.

Hesham Selim was born in Cairo in 1958.  His father was the famous football player and later the actor Saleh Selim.

Hesham Selim graduated from the Institute of Tourism and Hotels in 1981, and did free studies at the Royal Academy in the British capital, London.

Last May, Hesham Selim revealed that he had cancer through an audio recording that was shown on one of the TV programs.

A few weeks ago, the name of the artist, Hesham Selim, topped the social networking sites, after news circulated about the deterioration of his health after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Hesham Selim’s played varied roles in cinema and TV, and in each medium he demonstrated his great talent and ingenuity in embodying different characters.

His first appearance was in the 1972 film Empire M (Embratoreyet Meen) where he played the role of the son of late famous actress Faten Hamama.

His last work, the Hagma Mortadda (Counterattack) series, was aired during Ramadan 2021 drama season.

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