243 Productions Compete in the 22nd Arab Radio and TV Festival in Riyadh

The Festival Will Feature a Diverse Range of Broadcast-Related Workshops, Discussions, and Competition
President of the Arab States Broadcasting Union Muhammad Al-Harthy

About 240 TV and radio productions will compete in the various categories of the 22nd Arab Radio and Television Festival, which will be organized by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA) in Riyadh from November 7 to November 10.

The Festival is being launched in collaboration with the Arab States Broadcasting Union, and will be attended by various media agencies, media experts, and those interested from within and without the Kingdom, led by Muhammad Al-Harthy who is the President of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU)as well as the CEO of the Radio and Television Authority.

Saudi Arabia's hosting of the Festival, one of the most important media forums, highlights the Kingdom’s capabilities in organizing key events.

Representatives from media organizations such as World Broadcasting Unions, European Broadcasting Union, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, African Union of Broadcasting, Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development, China Global Television Network, International Telecommunication Union, and the Mediterranean Center for Audiovisual Communication will attend the Festival.

The supervisory committees of the Arab Radio and Television Festival competition for news and radio programs announced the end of the first phase which is scheduled to receive entries to the competition and the beginning of the evaluation, emphasizing that the winners will be announced in accordance with the award's timetable in its 22nd session under the slogan "Media in a Shaping World."

Furthermore, the committee reported that 128 radio productions were available, with 97 by member organizations joining the main competitions, 31 by Arab private radio stations among which are 14 ASBU members, and 11 by private and international Arabic-speaking radios and production companies competing in the parallel radio competition.

It also stated that 115 productions are participating in television competitions, with 83 main productions and 32 parallel works distributed through 15 ASBU member bodies, 8 private satellite channels, and 13 production companies.

Moreover, the committee stated that there are six juries, four for television and two for radio, with membership ranging from five to seven independent experts and specialists from various Arab countries, The screening process has begun through the specialized committees with viewing and evaluation sessions for all programs in the main and parallel TV news competitions, as well as listening sessions for radio programs. 

The Festival's competitions are divided into two parts, according to the supervisory committee. The first is a parallel competition for programs and news produced by private Arab television networks (not members of the Union), production companies, and Arab news agencies.

Aside from the Arabic-speaking foreign satellite channels, there is also the Radio Programs Competition, which has two sections, the main and parallel.  It is a competition dedicated to radio programs and news produced by the Union's member bodies, stations, private Arab radio production companies, stations, and international radio production companies speaking in Arabic.

The awards aim to boost Arab radio and television production in a way that keeps up with developments, introduces Arab-Islamic civilization and contemporary Arab and Islamic reality, and raises cultural and scientific awareness as well as aesthetic taste in radio and television works and programs.

The Festival's agenda, which attracts over a thousand media professionals from around the world as well as media bodies, includes a variety of activities such as seminars, workshops, discussion sessions, and other events.

The Festival will begin with a large ceremony honoring a number of media and artistic figures who have influenced the Arab scene for many years. A concert is also part of the opening.

On the second day, the Festival will host an engineering symposium and workshops that cover a variety of topics related to the reality of media, its future, and how to develop it.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA) is exerting all efforts and mobilizing all capabilities in order to properly host the Festival and the accompanying exhibition, as well as achieving the set agendas, in accordance with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and its ambitions to improve Arab media performance.

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