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Minions: The Rise of Gru

Minions: The Rise of Gru ★★

Genre: Animation [US] Showing worldwide

The protagonists of this movie are citrus fruits who decided to face the villain Gru. If this is not enough to ditch the movie, watching it is neither harmful nor useful but rather boring. There's a villain named Gru and a Minions (voice of Steve Carell) who dreams of becoming the world's most famous outlaw. He's faced by Pierre Coffin, Taraji Henson, and Michelle Yeo, and there's even, curiously enough, two roles for famous action actors, Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Final judgement: Average with some entertainment.


Aisha ★★★★

Genre: Social Drama [UK] Screened at Tribeca Film Festival

With the return of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York to its heyday, after two years of screenings and participations of limited importance, it seems that the organizers have made efforts to search for films of high artistic and moral value, and "Aisha" is one of these films. Actress Letitia Wright plays a Nigerian Muslim who is trying to settle in Ireland and obtain official residency. She faces bureaucracy, and the ill-treatment of her and immigrants in general. This is a small-size production film from director Frank Berry that seriously addresses a social issue in all its aspects.

Final judgement: It takes shape well as an exemplary film discussing immigrant’s issues.


John Luther ★★

Genre: Police [India] Showing in the GCC

John Luther is a film about an Indian character, even if her name is American. In fact, it is an attempt to expand the scope of an Indian film that does not rely on comedy and colorful performances, but rather takes a serious path. This is good thing, even if borrowing a European or American name will not make any difference. Circle Inspector John (played by Jayasurya) searches for a missing professor only to find that there are other people missing. The film is directed by Abhijith Joseph.

Final judgement: Average. The story is suitable for the genre fans.

John Luther

 My Imaginary Country ★★★

Genre: Documentary Limited screenings

A feature-length documentary film depicting the protests that took place between 2019 and 2021 in Chile, which led to the emergence of a young politician named Gabriel Borich, who took office until he reached the Republican elections (the youngest president of the Republic of Chile in the country's history). The director is Patricio Guzmán (80 years old), who covers in his film all the details of the private and public life of that period. The film remains without outstanding artistic merits, but its subject matter is what interests researchers in political affairs.

Final judgement: Important in terms of content and ordinary in terms of form.

My Imaginary Country

Vengeance ★★★

Genre: Police Thriller [US] Showing worldwide

“Vengeance” is new in most of its elements, except for its title used in dozens of investigation and action films. But this movie starring B.J. Novak starring and directed by him as well is different. This is the story of a young man who works as a television host, arrives in a southern American state to search for the reasons for his girlfriend's disappearance, only to discover that it is one of several cases. The film transfers the ambiance and provides some stand-up comedy at the same time. 

Final judgement: Novak is better a director than an actor.


Jim Button and the Wild 13 ★★

Genre: Adventure [Germany] Showing in the GCC

This movie was produced in 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic that forced the closure of movie theaters, resulted in its postponement. Had it remained postponed, no one would have missed it. This is the tale of a pirate in a bygone time full of talking animals (fluent in English since birth) and the different abilities of its heroines. The technical implementation is certainly good, but the plot does not have enough elements of interest or importance.

Final judgement: Entertaining, nothing more.

Jim Button and the Wild 13  

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