Top Yemeni Female Figure Briefs European Parliament Presidency on Humanitarian Situation in Yemen

Dr. Wissam Basindouh, President of the Yemeni Coalition for Independent Women, posing for a photo with president of the European Parliament Mrs Roberta Metsola.

Top Yemeni female figure briefs European Parliament Presidency on humanitarian situation in Yemen

Dr. Wissam Basindouh, President of the Yemeni Coalition for Independent Women, had a brief exchange with the president of the European Parliament Mrs. Roberta Metsola in her office at the Parliament.

She also held another meeting with the First Vice-President of the European Parliament Othmar Karas at the European Parliament headquarters in the city of Strasbourg.

During the brief exchange with Mrs. Metsola, Dr. Basindawa was accompanied by member of the European Parliament Fulvio Martusciello, who is also a member of the LiBE committee and the committee of the EU Relations with the Arab Peninsula, Dr. Manel Msalmi, Advisor to the European Parliament for Middle East Affairs, and Valerio Balzamo, Senior Assistant to the European People’s Party Group.

Dr. Bassindawa explained the situation of human rights in Yemen and the violations committed by the Houthi militia against women and children, in addition to a detailed explanation of the cities besieged by the Houthi militia, as happens in Taiz, which is the largest city in terms of population density, and where people suffer difficult conditions despite the opening of Sana’a airport.

In addition, the President of the European Union expressed her regret for these crimes, declaring her solidarity with the women and children in Yemen and the tragic conditions they suffer from.

At the end of the brief exchange, the President of the European Parliament thanked Dr Basindawa for her efforts in defending human rights in Yemen, especially women and children. She also thanked Martusciello as well as his team for standing for human rights and gender equality in the region.

During a meeting with Martusciello, Msalmi, and Balzamo, Dr. Basindowah focused on explaining the conditions of religious freedom in Yemen and the tragic conditions of minorities and the violence they are subjected to such as Jews and Bahais, recalling the case of the rabbi who is still detained by the Houthis and faces a death sentence.

Dr. Basindowah referred to the educational curricula that were characterized by sectarian bullying and how they brainwashed children.

For her part, Dr. Msalmi stressed the need to stop funding the Houthi terrorist militia so that they stop using these funding to indoctrinate children and increase violence.

She also indicated that the Houthi militia banned a number of Sunni imams in the past holy fasting month of Ramadan to prevent them from performing Tarawih prayers, which are one of the rituals of the Sunni sect in Ramadan.

These meetings come at the end of a series of meetings and discussions with a group of European parliamentarians within the European Parliament's meetings in Strasbourg.

A number of European parliamentarians, in turn, signed a statement addressed to Joseph Borrell, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, to demand pressure on the Houthis to stop their violations against civilians.

Thanks to these initiatives and meetings mainly by a member of parliament Martusciello, the Houthis were placed on the blacklist as a terrorist group by the European Union in March 2022.

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