Photo Story: California’s Desert X Coming to Saudi Arabia

“What Lies Behind the Walls”, by Zahrah Alghamdi
“Hollow Earth”, by Glenn Kaino
“Curves and Zigzags”, by Claudia Comte
“Sempiternal Clouds”, by Alicja Kwade
“The Passenger,” by Eduardo Sarabia
“Dive-in” by a Danish group
“Lover’s Rainbow,” by Pia Camil

Recently, Saudi Arabian newspapers and media outlets said that the famous California’s Coachella Valley Desert X’s Art in the Desert will be shown in Saudi Arabia in February.

Also, besides the last Californian show in which a Saudi artist participated, there will be more Saudi participation this time.

The show, which will be held in Al-Ula, will have the theme of “Sarab” (mirage), exploring the ideas of mirage and oasis through artworks that will be positioned among ancient formations of mountains, deserts and artifacts.

The first Desert X show was held in 2017, starting themes that included climate change, immigration, tourism, and American culture, although some of the following shows were interrupted because of the Coronavirus epidemic. 

Saudi artist Zahrah Alghamdi participated in the past, showing her work “What Lies Behind the Walls.”

California Desert X has already designed the “Desert X Al-Ula” theme, and referred to the region for being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. That is in reference to Hegra artifacts that were built by the Nabataeans over 2,000 years ago.

Today, it is a living museum of heritage, arts and nature, rekindling its legacy as a vital cultural destination.

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