French-Tunisian Businessman Intends to Run for France’s Presidency

French-Tunisian businessman Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi.

French-Tunisian businessman Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi intends to run for France’s Presidency in 2022, announced Al Janoubia TV director Boubakr Saghir, who is close to Ajroudi.

Ajroudi is an engineer, industrialist and owner of the France-based Tunisian Al Janoubia TV channel.

He was born in Tunisia to a military family, and pursued his studies in France in 1985. He graduated from the Faculty of Polytech University of Lille in France and afterwards worked for a petroleum and maritime company in Pas-de-Calais.

Ajroudi is well-known for his investments in renewable energy. Ajroudi’s official website mentioned his various inventions in the fields of infrastructure and irrigation. “Portube II is an underground irrigation system. Instead of watering lawns and plants with a jet of water, they are watered by capillarity in the soil. A real gain in water consumption for countries where this resource is more and more limited,” the website stated. “Sportvert” is his other invention which is “a machine that sets up a football stadium in one week instead of six, taking care of all the logistical aspects such as drainage, irrigation, seed.”

His innovations opened multiple markets for his projects, so he has had opportunities to set up renewable energy and agricultural developments in the Gulf, France, and some African countries.

In 2013, he founded a party named The Tunisian Movement for Freedom and Dignity in partnership with the then-Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs. However, just before the legislative elections, he decided to withdraw from the elections announcing that he only wanted to serve his country on the “social, economic, and energy levels.”

Earlier this month, Ajroudi revealed the upcoming release of his book “My Vision: Tunisia, Basic Requirements for a New Beginning.” He clarified that “man’s real glory is what he offers to his nation and people to help solve problems.”

“In this book, I submit my vision of the solution and reform for a better Tunisian future,” he explained.

“We have no option today … but to take the initiative, propose visions, create new economic opportunities, build a culture of work and entrepreneurship, and make people shoulder the responsibility of improving their lives through hard work.”

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