Farouk Hosni Reveals to Majalla His Opinion on the "Feathers" Crisis

Hosni: Creativity Has no Limits, and "Egypt's Reputation" is a Dull Criticism
Artist Farouk Hosni.(supplied)

The artist Farouk Hosni, the former Egyptian Minister of Culture, expressed his complete rejection of the criticism directed at the Egyptian film "Feathers" after its screening at the El Gouna Film Festival, and he said in an exclusive interview to Majalla: "There is a crisis in accepting reality. Poverty exists in the whole world, not only in Egypt, and throughout the history of world cinema; we have seen French, Italian and American films that talk about poverty and its impact and address thorny issues, but we have never heard of a film that offends the reputation of France, America or Italy,"

The controversy arose after three Egyptian artists left the film screening at the El Gouna Festival, and the artist Sherif Mounirs' statements in which he attacked the film and its makers and accused it of "insulting Egypt's reputation."

"In France, there are always festivals that support new ideas called "Cinema of Attempt" which present the ideas of young directors, so I find that we must provide the opportunity for creators to experiment. Reaching globalization requires adventure and open horizons of creativity," Hosni added.

It is noteworthy that "Feathers," directed by Omar El Zohairy, is the first Egyptian film to win the Critics' Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival, and the Egyptian Ministry of Culture honored the film and its makers in an event that preceded its screening at the El Gouna Film Festival.

"The absence of the critic is a very harmful factor in creativity, depth and interaction with the artistic work. Therefore, my institution has allocated a special award for artistic criticism. A sensitive balance is necessary to raise the critical sense of the public." Hosni indicated.

The artist Farouk Hosni launched the "Farouk Hosni Foundation for Culture and Arts," an independent institution established in 2019 in Cairo, Egypt, and it held the publicity number 872 of 2019 from the Ministry of Social Solidarity. 

The Foundation chose the old neighborhood of Zamalek as its headquarters, which is considered the House of Arts in Egypt, and it is concerned with artistic and cultural activities and all branches of creativity, according to a concept that confirms that culture can accommodate all creative practices of the human being and is also capable of developing his humanity.

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