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The Saudi Research & Media Group (SRMG) announced the acquisition of a 51% controlling stake in Arabic podcast platform Thmanyah, one of the leading podcast platforms and documentary producers in the Middle East and North Africa region.


Podcast with Socrates

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Omar Al-Jeraisy is the broadcaster of the famous “Socrates podcast”. The young Saudi man is considered one of the active and pioneering figures in various cultural fields. He is also the author of “Diary of Principal Student”. He has also written his diaries since 2013 and shares some of it in “The Story of a Picture.”

Jeraisy's "Podcast with Socrates" relays people’s questions and puts them on the table of the “transition leaders”. In it, he interviews Saudi Arabia's leaders through an informal talk show that hosts leaders of relevant government and private agencies and talks about the transition journey that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is experiencing.

Coffee Cup Podcast

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"Coffee Cup Podcast" is a program presented by Abdul Rahman Abu Malih. The podcast is interested in all that is beautiful in terms of culture and information from all over the world.

Abdul Rahman bin Ali bin Muhammad Abu Malih is a Saudi journalist and one of the pioneers of podcasts in the Arab world, and CEO of Eight Publishing and Distribution Company.

He became famous for presenting and preparing the "Coffee Cup Podcast ", a Saudi podcast that was able to expand to include a wide Arab audience, and its episodes attracted millions of views on YouTube.

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It is a podcast for those who are interested in business and entrepreneurship. Each episode will hear a person's business experience in detail, without compliments or theorizing, in addition to special episodes focusing on specific topic.

Mashhour Aldubayan is the Founder and Director of the Saudi Gamer website specialized in electronic entertainment.

He started as a web and applications developer, then specialized in usability and user experience. Then, he finally settled in the field of new media and content production with Saudi Gamer, managing and developing it as an institution.

Things That Changed Us Podcast

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It is a historical podcast that won the Media Excellence Award for the National Day in 2019, in which the social historian Mansour Al-Assaf presents every week a new story about something that entered and changed Saudi society.

He explains the reason for this change and how it affects the life we live today so that history moves from the pages of books to the streets and councils to be able to see the old people as if we see ourselves.

Al-Assaf is a writer and social historian, known for his writings on the history of Saudi society in newspapers for decades and for his book in which he documented the incident of what happened on Flight 163 before all its passengers died.

Mansour's interest in history began at an early age, but he was always bothered by a lack of information about societies.

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