Houthi Holocaust in Yemen

An employee at the US State Department: The Houthis are committing violations against civilians, children and women in Yemen
Yemen's Houthi supporters take part in a gathering to donate for fighters who fight against forces of the government of Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, on February 04, 2021 in Sana'a, Yemen. (Getty)

Eli Cohanim, Former U.S. employee at the State Department confirmed on Sunday that Iran-backed Houthi militia is committing human rights violations against civilians, children, and women in Yemen.

This came during a virtual seminar, organized by the Yemeni Coalition for independent Women, under the title of "Houthi's Holocaust against the Children of Yemen and its Continuous Escalation on Marib in the Light of Peace Initiatives"

Moreover, Cohanim said that she stands by the Yemenis in their suffering, stressing that former U.S. President Trump's administration classified the Houthis as a terrorist organization after a serious review of their behavior, but Biden had canceled this classification.

In addition, she attributed the decision to remove Houthis from the terrorist list to the fact that Biden's administration was seeking to contain the Iranian regime at the expense of this action.

"The Iranian regime is destabilizing the security of the Middle East and North Africa, and they seek to target Saudi Arabia, the U.S. ally, through the Houthis," Eli Cohanim added.

On his part, Frank Mosmar, a university professor in Texas, said that the Houthi militias are deliberately committing these atrocities against Yemeni children and civilians through the military escalation that targets a place where there are ten million people.

Mosmar confirmed that the greatest devil in the Middle East is Iran, which supports the Houthi militia, which uses hostile language (Death to America).

"Those who suffer in Yemen are the civilians more than the military, and this is against all humanitarian organizations and all the laws recognized in the laws of the United Nations to protect civilians and children. When we see the pictures of the girl Lian, we should ask ourselves who accepts this," Mosmar added. (On June 6 this year, a five year old Yemeni child, Lian Taher, was burnt to death when Houthi missiles bombed a petrol station where she and her father were waiting in their car.)

Frank Mosmar called on the world to stand by civilians and children in Yemen to protect them from the Iranian-backed Houthi militia.

Besides, Dr. Wissam Basindawa, head of the March 8 Bloc for Yemeni Women, confirmed that children in the city of Marib are living in extremely difficult and tragic conditions, facing trauma and fear because of what happened to Lian.

"Childhood in Yemen is being subjected to the worst violations by the Houthi militia, as those who do not die with their ballistic missiles will die from the mines that they randomly plant in roads and residential neighborhoods," Dr. Basindawa stated.

Dr. Basindawa added, "Even the children who are in the Houthi militia's control areas are not spared the terrorism of this fascist group, as it is establishing summer camps to attract children, train them and enroll them in its ranks, taking advantage of their poverty and ignorance, recruiting them and pushing them into the line of fire and returning to their families as dead bodies."

Basindawa attributed that the Houthi aggression in targeting liberated cities and areas populated by displaced children and women with ballistic missiles and booby-trapped planes to the aggressive approach of the Houthi group and the absence of its logic of peace as demonstrated by these practices.

"The Houthi holocaust and its ongoing crimes against Yemeni children are summarized in recruiting them and sending them to fight in areas under their control or killing them with ballistic missiles and booby-trapped planes," Basindawa pointed out.

Magdi Al-Akwa, an expert, human rights activist and member of the Human League for Rights and Freedoms, considered that the childhood violations practiced by the Houthi group on children who are indoctrinated with methods imbued with extremism, hatred and terrorism, will be a mine exploding in the entire region.

Mansour Al-Shadadi, a human rights activist and head of the French-Yemeni House, said that the Houthi militias do not hesitate to bomb civilians, whether in Marib or any other areas they can reach or even in Saudi Arabia, highlighting that this is the group's approach can never change.

"The Western position is not responsible for the crimes of Houthis, considering that all these countries are looking for their interests, and if they find their interests with Iran, they will stand with Iran, and if they find their interests with others, they will stand with them," Al-Shadadi added.