Call to Protect Pets of Kazakhstan

No Laws on Animal Rights in Kazakhstan
A woman taking care of puppies at a veterinary centre.

So, there is a lady. She is a musician - nothing famous. Nothing like Sir Anthony Hopkins, so I can’t place her picture playing a piano and a happy cat is enjoying the music which goes viral.

The story takes place far away in the lands of Kazakhstan - this lady is teaching music at some universities. Her vision is 5%, she has a serious condition of retinal detachment which is probably incurable and due to her condition she cannot lift anything more than 3 kilos. This lady lives in a village 20 km from the city centre. Every day she travels to work by bus. But there is something special about this lady – she cannot pass by an abandoned kitten or a dog.

How did I meet her? I have a friend who came to the vet with her cat and told me that there was a lady there with a dying puppy who was covered in blood. The check was about 20 USD and the lady said she could not afford to pay it. My friend said she lost her sleep. I suggested that we find the lady and cover the expense.

We managed to find her. But the story was she was living not in a city but a village 20 km away and there were 9 puppies not one. Anyway we found her. By this time 3 puppies were taken into the local village vet clinic for 8 days. That clinic has no lab or diagnostic toolkit whatsoever. Anyway they were keeping the pups and charging the lady for a single day treating them from worms or ticks or whoever knows what. By the time we found the lady all those pups were gone over the rainbow… so we asked her to bring the surviving ones to the best vet I knew and the diagnosis was confirmed – parvovirus. The vet was sceptical that most of the puppies would have survived without thorough care. But she treated them with all the shots and all intravenous injections.

I felt relieved – now the local vet could have followed the prescriptions and it's all done!

“Oh no,” said my vet, “They will never follow my prescriptions and will try to invent their own methods”

 “How is that possible – they don’t even have a lab??”

“Everything is possible”, said my vet, “I am so sorry”.

 A vet treating a dog in Kazakhstan.

So I found a local guy who would travel with me to do exactly as prescribed by the city vet. “Why are u taking this hassle?”- he said to me – “Just give them vodka and raw egg – either they survive or die”.

I said, “Thanks they are capable of dying even without your assistance and even with no vodka, all I want is just to follow instructions strictly”. I must say none of them die, city vets were shaking my hand, they said it was a miracle.

Parvovirus is very common in nature. It is highly contagious but only between species – it can be transmitted between two or more dogs or two or more cats but never between species and never to the human. The nature of this virus is that an animal develops ulcers inside the body and on his tongue. Due to this fact it can sit in front of a bowl of water or food but not drink or eat as touching it causes tremendous suffering. As a result the animal dies of dehydration.

When we were working in our “field hospital” the puppies were dehydrated critically. What happens then – the blood becomes so thick the heart has difficulty pumping it, the veins become shallow and once you try to inject the “vital” solution to thin the blood the body cannot take it anymore and the veins just burst because the blood there resembles glue and not blood. But we survived. No fatalities. All puppies are alive.

Now. Did we win in spite of all this? I am afraid not… What will happen with those 6 cuties? The musician lady picked up a pregnant dog from a street who gave birth to ….9 puppies….

How many abandoned dogs and cats are on the street now? This is just one lucky story.

There are so many Muslims in Kazakhstan. At the same time so many abandoned cats and kittens. As far as I remember Prophet Muhammed paid respect to cats and his favourite cat Muezza has been always on his knees when he was lecturing. There is even a legend that once Prophet Muhammed discovered his cat sleeping on the sleeve of his dress he preferred to cut off the sleeve rather than wake up the animal.

What has happened now? Why are so many people calling themselves Muslim, who do not respect the wishes of Prophet Muhammed and are ready to kill and sell cats and dogs like a second hand furniture?

About the laws in Kazakhstan on pets protection: there simply none. Massive funds are being spent on murdering animals. I will send a link from the official site- abandoned pets are being burned in front of each other. One should have heart to finish reading this article. There is nothing to protect “our little brothers” by law. Last year there was a big case when one lady adopted a dog who survived an attempt to murder it - that’s about all.

And this local musician is still in her village which has hardly any water supply and electricity supply. Everyone calls her “mad”. Of course, spending all your income of 150 USD on dogs and cats is madness. Would you not agree?