Majalla Organizes Laughter Yoga Session for Breast Cancer Patients

Majalla organized a laughter yoga session in partnership with life coach Dr. Ute Meinel Devika in El-Horreya Park, Zamalek, on Saturday. The session, which was fully sponsored by Majalla, was attended by breast cancer patients.

The patients said that they “really enjoyed the session which moved up their spirits and gave them positive energy”.

“It is really important to have more of these free events that can bring laughter yoga to those who cannot afford it,” Devika told Majalla after the session.

“Some people think that laughter yoga or yoga is only for the A class but it should be for everyone especially during this time,” she added.

Ragaa Shafik, one of the participants, also said that laughter yoga is very important for breast cancer patients or anyone who does not feel psychologically well.

“After we finished the session, our mood was really transformed. It is really a great experience. We thank Majalla for this opportunity,” she added.