From Passion to Empowerment

Lubna Alhomsi’s Startup Journey in the Arab Fashion Industry
Inspiration of the 80's silhouettes, a waist-emphasized dress with narrow skirt shape will make you stand out and express your personality within yourself! We like to reconstruct and reinvent the past into an innovative and accessible future for fashion. (supplied)

She is simply a dreamer with a relentless entrepreneurial spirit and deep passion for fashion. She believes in the soft power of fashion that can empower women to express themselves, glow from the outside and grow self-confidence. For her, innovation and inclusion are vital for the growth of the Arab fashion industry. Lubna Alhomsi, a Dubai-based Syrian Arab fashion designer and brand creator, speaks about her experience with the concept she is bringing to the Arab fashion scene in Dubai, and shares her views and inspirations.   


American actress, Marilyn Monroe, said once: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” It is a sort of women empowerment through fashion that helps women unlock their potential.

“Clothes alone may not make the woman what they are, but they definitely have a very strong effect on her, boosting self-confidence and improving her attitude”, said Alhomsi.

“So, I believe that whenever we, women, have this confidence about our appearance, we feel our inner power and feel strong enough to explore new opportunities in life, meet people from different social and professional backgrounds”, she added.


Staying innovative is the key for progress. Inspiration is the fuel of innovation. It is waking up the next day looking for new experiences and achievements. The question of what inspires the young designer is important for her daily progress.

“Every rebellious and different person, thing, or attitude, all inspire me. For example, my collection of the Royal Wildflowers has been inspired by different types, shapes and colors of flowers, and how they look in during their life cycle!”, she explains as one of the sources of her inspiration.

“I am a history lover so each design I prepare has some story with a vintage touch that contributes to making the designs timeless. Staying innovative helps me relate fashion designs to real life thoughts and situations”, the Syrian designer added.

She always keeps her sketch book with her and it is always full of potential designs.


Many believe fashion agencies are dedicated to slim women, excluding curvy and overweight women from new trends. LubnaAlhomsi agrees that the fashion industry should be as inclusive as possible. 

“Each and every woman has her own unique beauty, regardless of body size, and I believe in that! Most of my designs could be done for plus size. Regarding this issue, my clients are so satisfied and they tell me how much confident and happy they are when they put Moniritta’s piece on”, 

commented Alhomsi, the founder of Moniritta brand, which produces fashion that is elegant, inspirational and empowering.

Every brand starts with a concept that develops later into a customer journey, brand experience and a unique character. She explains the new concept she is bringing to the Dubai fashion industry through her fashion startup.

After Alhomsi graduated from Esmod Dubai, the oldest fashion school in GCC, she had the concept ready in mind and created her own brand, Moniritta. Her concept is based on the uniqueness of combinations between the East and West, vintage and modern, and simplicity and sophistication, with the element of empowerment being present all the way.  


Affordability is crucial in making it easier for women to be trendier and more modern, especially women belonging to middle classes.

“I think this is an important point. Believe me this is not easy”, Alhomsi said.

The question of affordability remains a challenge. The lockdown has changed people’s spending priorities. “Moniritta is timeless and there is nothing more worthwhile than investing in pieces that adapt to any season and any occasion! I am trying to give to our customers high quality and very stylish garments at affordable prices, compared to well-established brands”, she added.

Speaking about the effects of Covid-19 on her business, the young entrepreneur said, “Covid-19 has changed our life in general and changed the fashion design industry’s business models. Consumers prefer online shopping. Online orders help us keep selling”.


Lubna Alhomsi finds great inspiration in Coco Chanel. She believes that the simpler the design, the more elegant. She is into simplicity.

“Coco Chanel said ‘simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance’. This is what I hope to add to Arab fashion industry, especially for evening gowns. There is no need for too much embroidery or stones or cuts to be added together in the same outfit to make it look sophisticated”, Alhomsi said.

She told me that using the right fabric with a simple touch representing a bigger concept could be more than enough to be nicely dressed.

“I wish every lady to look like a royal. Simplicity is key here”, she concluded.