BlackBerry – A smart phone for smart women

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All over the world the BlackBerry seems to be rapidly becoming the "must have" item for business women. The creators of the popular BlackBerry smart phone are expanding aggressively across the Gulf in a bid to meet high demand. To them this is a significant opportunity in one of the world’s fastest growing economic centres and in the Gulf region they are filling a huge void in the market.


What makes the BlackBerry so popular and separates it from the rest of the mobile devices in the market is that instead of having to manually tell the cellular phone to check your email inbox, messages are automatically "pushed" to the mobile device in real time. This is called the "push email" service which is considered the key selling point for the BlackBerry. This allows corporate users to stay on top of things and be up to the minute with any pressing messages.


In the Gulf region the BlackBerry is present in Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. The financial sector indeed benefits greatly from this service, as the results of the stock markets are accessed faster and at any time. Besides the key feature is mobility, so its advantages really apply to all industries. But that doesn't mean that the senior executive level of organisations are the only beneficiaries,  it’s also useful for small and medium size enterprises, home offices, sales and service teams. Furthermore there’s the obvious personal reason to stay in touch with family and friends. Many big corporations already use the service in other countries and now want to use it in their branches globally; also governments seem to be interested in the BlackBerry.


The revenues for the first quarter of fiscal year 2010 for the Blackberry was $3.42 billion, comparable with $3.46 billion in the previous quarter and up 53% from $2.24 billion in the same quarter of last year. Confirming the BlackBerry's growing popularity all over the world.


Nowadays both men and women lead very busy lives. But women tend to be busier, particularly if they are managing their family's schedule in addition to their work lives; as a result it is very hard for them to keep in touch with their friends and family members. They may forget many chores or errands due to the work load and lack of organization, that’s why women appreciate the BlackBerry so much. The "push email" and the BlackBerry messenger as well as MSN messenger and other chat programs keep women constantly in touch with their business as well as their friends and family. Not to forget that the PDA "personal digital assistant" that the BlackBerry provides help women arrange their chores, organize their duties, reminds them of important events etc. All of this and more saves women a lot of time.


Working moms maybe the ones benefiting the most from all the services provided by the Blackberry, however, BlackBerrys are not just for them. Working or not, moms always tend to be very busy with a lot to do on their hands and that’s why this phone comes in very handy. Also young women with hectic schedules, even if they are not working, can be very grateful to the BlackBerry. Women can download several luxurious applications on their phone made especially to meet their needs such as the Diet Point Calculator or the check list application.


The BlackBerry saves a lot of time and money for its users and in the Gulf region it is no different. With women progressively more present in the work place and in top level positions too, their need for a phone that could help them is persistent. The BlackBerry provides its user with a "moving office" which has granted it an enthusiastic response from consumers in the Gulf especially women.