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Hannah Lucinda Smith
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on : Tuesday, 2 Apr, 2013

War of Words

It is only a fish restaurant, but Memet gasps with surprise when he sees it. “I’ve never seen this in Diyarbakır before,” he says. “The sign is written in Kurdish.” In the Kurdish heartlands of southeastern Turkey, language has been a cultural battleground for far longer than the militants have fought in the mountains. Memet, now forty, remembers being introduced to his teacher as a Kurdish-speaking seven-year-old. “She taught us in Turkish, and we only spoke Kurdish,” he laug...

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The Majalla: The Leading Arab Magazine
on : Friday, 30 Sep, 2011

A War of Language

Shocked and Awed: How the War on Terror and Jihad have Changed the English Language Fred Halliday IB Tauris  2010 On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 hijackers, members of a fringe militant Islamist group, Al-Qaeda, launched the most significant attack on the United States since the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 6, 1941.The eminent scholar of international relations and the Middle East, Fred Halliday, writing shortly after the attacks described this experience as “two...

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