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The Media and the Revolution

The Majalla: What was the level of polarization on both sides before the revolution? No one hated Bashar Al-Assad before …

Speak no Evil

As the anniversary of Ben Ali’s departure approaches, many Tunisians are still amazed that with peaceful measures they were able …

The Ubiquity of Ideology

The explosive mix of globalization, large youth populations, and weak economies has created an atmosphere ripe for change. In this interview with The Majalla, the visionary writer and liberal thinker shares his views on the growing culture of arms and resistance in the Arab world, the problem of sectarianism and his take on the future of the Arab nation-state.

Tactical Delivery

Prominent Saudi journalist Jamal A. Khashoggi talks to Caryle Murphy about new plans for a proposed news network. He discusses the strategies the new channel may adopt and how it might appeal to its audience, as well as the many changes taking place in modern news media. The conversation also covers Khashoggi’s personal insights into political Islam and what role the media has to play in that debate.