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Emma Pearson and Katie Welsford
on : Tuesday, 24 Jun, 2014

A Matter of Business in Syria

In a small, cramped room in the suburbs of Amman, a Homsi family of four gathers around two posters stuck to the white wall. The posters show downtown Homs—aerial photographs taken from the days before the skyline crumbled beneath the bombs and the people starved under siege. Sabeen—just turned four, with a Free Syrian Army flag wrapped around her skinny neck—grins into the camera. “Horreya,” she says as the camera clicks. With the word—which means “freedom” i...

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Younes Hassar
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on : Thursday, 2 May, 2013

The Other Shore

Some 400 years ago, the sultan of Morocco, Ahmad Al-Mansour, became increasingly aware of Spanish control and influence over the Mediterranean. He decided to launch a bold expedition southwards to conquer the Songhai Empire in what is now northern Mali, a land renowned for its riches and its resources. Al-Mansour’s venture was, more importantly, a way of reasserting Moroccan influence on the other side of the Sahara, and of controlling the historic trade routes that had made Morocco’s fortun...

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Justin Dargin
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on : Tuesday, 2 Apr, 2013

Putting Economic Sustainability First

It was on a Thursday in early June 2005 when it happened. That Thursday began like any other day in the bustling emirate of Dubai: expats and locals were preparing for the weekend....

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The Majalla: The Leading Arab Magazine
on : Wednesday, 13 Mar, 2013

Editorial: A Rich Land With a Poor Future?

A decade after the American-led invasion, Iraq’s fate remains uncertain. With the American forces gone, the project of rebuilding the country, creating a functioning democrat...

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Jenna Marangoni and Itidal Salame
on : Monday, 14 Jan, 2013

Partners for Troubled Times

For Europe, the past few years have been a seemingly endless string of bad news: the 2008 financial crisis has lead to the destabilization of economies across the European Union, a...

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Sophie Anmuth
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on : Thursday, 15 Nov, 2012

Can Morsi Bite the Bullet?

Egypt’s worsening economic and social situation might have fueled the fire of the 2011 revolution, but two years later most of the same problems persist. The blame is usually...

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Jenna Marangoni
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on : Monday, 1 Oct, 2012

Saudi’s Soaring Economy

Barclays’ Capital (BarCap) has recently released projections that Saudi Arabia’s economy will have the second-fastest growth rate among G20 countries for the fourth quarter of ...

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Stephen Glain
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on : Wednesday, 22 Aug, 2012

Downward Pressure

It’s hard to feel sorry for China’s leadership, populated as it is by autocrats and oligarchs with little regard for the liberal yearnings of its people. And while China’s ec...

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Paula Mejia
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on : Wednesday, 20 Jun, 2012

Hedging Bets

Saudi Arabia’s role as a leading producer of oil has put it in a position of great responsibility. Through the prudent management of its resources, Saudi Arabia has managed to pr...

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Emma Richardson
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on : Friday, 15 Jun, 2012

The Tunisian Project

In a recent report by the International Crisis Group (ICG), Tunisia is said to be facing formidable social and economic challenges that threaten to halt progress despite continued ...

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