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The Xi and Li Show

China will witness a change of leadership in the Party Congress due to take place next year. The future leaders, Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, come from very different backgrounds but seem to share a certain inexperience when considering the demanding challenges that loom on the horizon for the Asian giant.

The Dragon Eyes the Arab Spring

Four months after Mohammed Bouazizi’s self-immolation sparked protests in Tunisia, there is no end in sight to the revolution spreading throughout the Middle East and North Africa. This has forced the US and other western countries to openly take sides in each country besieged by demonstrations, either diplomatically or, in the case of Libya, through the use of military power. In contrast, China has remained mostly quiet about the political situation in the region. However, this does not mean that China lacks a coherent strategy to deal with the Arab Spring. Beijing’s policy seems clear: Prioritize economic interests, leave the most difficult issues to the West, and start cultivating relations with the new regimes.

Is China the Next Tunisia?

With rising unemployment among its youth and a food crisis looming on the horizon, China, at first glance, appears to be as ripe for change as Tunisia was on the eve of the Jasmine Revolution. China, however, is all too aware of the similarities.

What Quantitative Easing Means for China

Injecting an extra $600 billion into the US economy may bolster America’s domestic interests, but it also poses potentially serious threats to Chinese policymakers. It’s time for the Fed to realize that, in today’s global market, what’s best for America isn’t always best for the world.

What’s a Little Friendly Competition?

After a tense year of Sino-American relations, two meetings in January have set the stage for further cooperation between the rival powers. Whether military-to-military cooperation will be fruitful, however, remains to be seen as an arms race between the two countries grows increasingly likely.