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A Storm Before the Calm

After nearly a week of the deadliest violence seen in Egypt since the fall of former President Hosni Mubarak, calm …

Sea Predators

For the Somalis, piracy is a necessity of last resort, with occasionally a very profitable outcome. Yet the fishermen turned pirates are not the only ones who can make good sums out of this activity and the vacuum of responsible power in Somalia’s territorial waters. From insurance companies and private security firms, to predatory fishing enterprises and foreign businesses looking for cheaper ways of waste disposal, a whole economy—most of it parallel—has formed in Somalia’s seas as a result of the constant instability inland.

A Dishonest Posture

Despite the White House’s attempt to distance itself from Bush-era policies, particularly those related to counter-terrorism, little has changed over the course of the past two years. In a report published by the Hudson Institute, Christopher Ford sheds light on the dichotomy between the rhetoric of counter-terrorism and the policies being pursued. The paradigm shift that Obama’s election was supposed to usher in never materialized, and what remains are a set of policies which continue to prop up a national security establishment bent on waging a “global war on terror.”