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Daniel F. Rivera Gómez

Daniel F. Rivera Gómez

Daniel F. Rivera Gómez is an Arabic philologist specializing in international relations in the Arab world. He is a PhD candidate at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. His thesis focuses on the constitutional history of Iraq and the role of Western powers in shaping Iraq's constitutional order. In 2008, he worked with UMAM Documentation and Research on the projects What is to be done? and Missing. He is currently working as Arabic translator for the Ministry of Interior in Madrid, Spain.

Back in Business

The World Tourism Organization recently reported that tourist operations worldwide increased by 4.4 percent in 2011 and forecasts around one …

A Bloody Plan

Morocco’s November assault on the Saharan refugee camp known as Gadaym Izik marked a new phase in the US and EU policies toward Morocco. As the conflict in the Western Sahara moves to the forefront of Morocco’s priorities, international opinion has become more critical of Rabat than ever. As a result, a different set of factors has become the foundation upon which new rules of political and diplomatic engagement are being initiated.

History Repeats Itself

[escenic_image id=”55130508″] The intense diplomatic activity that is taking place at different levels in Washington, Paris, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, Beirut …