Samira Said: My new album includes songs you would never expect from me

The Singer and Artist Samira Said (Getty).

The great singer Samira Said has remained a huge star throughout the years and with each year she becomes stronger and shines brighter. Many stars of her generation have fallen back dozens of times but Samira Saeed has maintained constant success. She doesn’t know failure. Her latest song “Hawa Hawa” was one of the most successful songs of 2017 and remains extremely popular today.

In an interview with Majalla, Samira Said discusses the surprises she has in store for her fans in her new album and she reveals how she has maintained her fame throughout her career.

by Essam Eldein Rady

You are getting ready to launch a new album. What is the most important characteristic of this work?

I've been working on my album for a while but I'm still in the process of looking for new and different styles. The style of this album will be different from my greatly successful last album "I want to live" because I do not like repeating myself.

Why has your new album been delayed all this time?

I do not like to take the easy option with work. I am very keen to give my audience all that is expected of me and it took a long time to prepare, but it will soon be within the reach of the public. I hope that they will be satisfied.  I have worked hard with a large group of composers, distributors and poets.

With each new album you are keen to introduce something new, what's new in this album?

I will present different music and different lyrics which will be a surprise to the audience. I am eager to shock the audience with the style of the songs with each new album I release and thank God they are to the audience’s satisfaction. They expect me to have different songs all the time. The new album includes songs that are very close to the oriental songs that I made throughout the 80s which people miss. I am also presenting songs that you would never expect from me which are a blend of 80s and classic sounds.

Have you been releasing singles recently because you are not convinced with releasing a full album?

I like all the songs on the album to be strong and I don’t rely on a song or two like others do.  I was very late with the new album due to personal circumstances. I released the singles every now and again because I didn’t want a big gap to forge between me and my audience, just like they do around the world where they release a song every two months and after two years they combine all the singles with 6 other songs and release a full album. At the same time, when a singer releases a song as a single the audience focuses on it a lot in comparison to when  a full album is released which combines difference styles and songs.

With every new work you make sure to introduce young composers and writers, some of whom are presenting their work for the first time. Do not you consider this a risk?

I love working with young people because they have new ideas. I like continuous development and I don’t like traditional work. I follow the music scene in Egypt and around the world closely and I always look for something new and I am fascinated by crazy ideas and I like to implement them.

The last duet you did was "Youm Wara Youm". Would you never consider doing a duet ever again?

I love the duets, but it is a big burden. Since I released “Youm Wara Youm,” which was very successful, I have been looking for a new duet but it has to be at least on the same level, if not better. So far I have not come across anything which persuades me.

How have you managed to maintain your fame throughout all these years?

People that follow my work know very well know that I do not repeat myself no matter what happens.  I always look for new ideas in lyrics, melodies, distribution and even the way I perform on stage. At every stage of my career I tried to attract a new audience while keeping up with the times and trying to make music that fits with the new generation. I like my albums to appeal to people of all ages, not just one generation.

Have your artistic choices changed greatly over the years?

Every stage has its own artistic choices whether the artist is an actor, singer, composer or distributor. So I try to prove to myself and to the audience that I am still able to choose unique songs and present different styles of music.

Are there any songs that didn’t achieve the success expected which you regret making?

I don’t like regret. Generally speaking success and failure are God-given. I strive and do everything in my power, and I am satisfied with my artistic career and convinced by my choices.

How do you view the talent on the artistic scene today?

The picture is completely different. There are good voices but they are waiting for an opportunity and there are weak voices that have been given an opportunity that they do not deserve, but the audience is the decision maker. Production opportunities are currently a difficult issue and unfortunately new singers are in a hurry to succeed.

Do you feel that your experience in the talent show “Sawt Al hayah” was a strong addition to your career or did it detract from your portfolio?

“Sawt Al Hayat” did not add to or detract from my portfolio.  I was eager when I was offered the program to present something different and this type of program exists all over the world.

Many female vocalists tried acting and some of them were successful. Why haven’t you considered acting?

I have good singing skills and the acting experience is very risky. I imagine that the idea of acting is now very distant from me. I may have thought about it at the beginning but now it is difficult. I cannot be an actress.

Do you feel jealous when another singer releases a very successful song?

Of course I am jealous, but not of them, I hope to make a song like her that achieves great success.

Which voices do you like to listen to?

Asalah, Angham, Sherine, and of course Fairouz.

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