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Nelly Makdessy: Artistic jealousy motivates me to work harder and persevere

by Nour al-Hoda

Since she first hit the scene, Nelly Makdessy has stood out with her distinctive charisma and singing style. She has held onto the number one spot in the Bedouin genre which she became characterized by early in her career. Nelly is an intelligent star and carefully considers every career move. Majalla spoke with Nelly following her long absence and the success of her latest song “I wish.”

Q- What are you currently working on? Are you ready to make a new album?

I am currently preparing solo songs and at the same time I am listening to new and varied songs. Of course, I will release an album, but not soon. As for my new song, it will be sung in the Bedouin dialect which I was characterized by when I first began singing and throughout my career. I will be releasing the song as a music video.

Q- Why did you disappear from the music scene?

Every artist needs to take a step back from the art scene to look at things from a distance, review their work and think about how they can renew themselves. I particularly love uniqueness, and uniqueness does not come overnight. Taking a break can help you to be unique and to succeed.

Q- Are you afraid of today’s crowded artistic scene?

(laughs) No one is afraid of anyone in general, especially if someone has full confidence in themselves, their work and their success. Only people with weak personalities would be afraid and I have a strong personality, whether in my private or artistic life. My strength comes from the love of the people, their faith in my talent and the faith I have in my talent and all that I have presented and I will present in the future. There is artistic jealousy and this is the most beautiful because it motivates me to work more and persevere more and more. Jealousy exists in every artist. In the end, every artist has something that distinguishes them and their own artistic personality.

Q – What is the secret behind your choice to sing in the Egyptian dialect and distance yourself from folklore?

I did not stay away from the folklore genre that I was characterized by. Today, I make my artistic choices in different music styles to satisfy all tastes. Every artist has one style that distinguishes them, but they diversify their choices and sing in Egyptian, Gulf and Bedouin dielects.. I love to renew myself and it is not wrong to have variety in my work.

Q- How do you view the success of your new song “I wish”?

I saw the success of the song through people’s reactions and their love and comments on social media. I also consider the negative comments as success because it is evidence that the song grabbed people’s attention. Making this song was very exhausting and required a lot of time but the end result was brilliant – and the public agree.

Q – What do you think of the stars that participate on talent show judging panels?

Why not?! Today, every star who has participated on a judging panel reveals his true personality away from singing. The public love to see their true and spontaneous personalities. It is very nice provided everyone is in their appropriate place.

Q – Does the Arab world need talent shows?

The Arab world always needs talent shows, as does the West. There is a lot of talent to highlight. We, the previous generation, graduated from talent shows. We all started as amateurs until we reached professionalism, and we are still amateurs even today. These programs help to develop, maintain and support talent.

Q- Why have you not tried acting?

I have received a lot of roles, but I have not seen a single role that matches or suits my character. In the end, I do not want to take on a role just to act, but I want to add something distinctive to my artistic career and history.

Q- In your opinion, does anyone hold the number one spot in the art scene today?

Every artist has his own stardom, audience and fans. I do not like the idea of a hierarchy because every artist has their style and place and is characterized by a different artistic personality. But in the end there are stars on the scene that are distinguished by their place.

Q- What are your wishes for the Arab world and the art world in the new year?

I wish for a year full of love, happiness and peace, and if the Arab nation is good, then art will be great. I hope that this year will be a beautiful, happy and good year for every part of the motherland.

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