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Mascu Look: The New Face of Male Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Sina Djalaei Helps Men Enhance their Masculinity

by Nadia Turki

For a long time the concept of beauty has been associated with women. Throughout the years perceptions have changed and cultures have evolved, and men’s clothing, accessories and hair have kept up with fashion trends and innovation. But there remains great reservation when it comes to cosmetic enhancements, especially to the face and skin.

Since facial beauty and beautification are predominantly seen as concerns for women, the German Cosmetic Doctor Sina Djalaei developed a new aesthetic concept for men called “Mascu look.” When I met with Sina in Germany, he explained that he worked for more than five years to discover new and exclusive injection techniques with the aim of helping men to accentuate their masculinity.

The international expert expressed that it is wrong to resort to cosmetic surgery to improve your outer appearance because it may turn into a difficult problem to solve as the results of any procedure are permanent and irreversible. Drawing from his personal and professional experience, Dr Sina noted that many men are not satisfied with cosmetic surgery results and find that their only solution is to have another operation, which does not benefit the client psychologically or physically.

Dr Sina has taken his “Mascu look” concept from Germany to Switzerland, Sweden and Belgium and has participated in international conferences in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, Norway, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Singapore, Sweden and Monaco. He is currently providing training to doctors with the aim of spreading his concept globally.

Through his work, Dr Sina wants to transfer the injection techniques and methods he created to every country in the world, and is developing a range of men’s beauty products for the same purpose.

According to the doctor, modern men are unlike women in that they don’t need to have work done to beautify their faces, but to achieve more attractive and distinctive masculine features. The German expert explained to Majalla that performing aesthetic procedures on men is completely different to working with women who predominantly want to accentuate their beauty and femininity through cosmetic surgery, Botox injections and other treatments.

Dr Sina further explained that the new concept he is presenting to the world will mean that visiting cosmetic doctors will no longer be a source of fear for men and that it will become an essential part of their lives like playing sports and working out.

Before carrying out a procedure, a cosmetic doctor will get to know their client during a pre-treatment consultation so that they can reflect their client’s personality traits in the results of the procedure. During the first session, Dr Sina listens to his client and makes suggestions before commencing treatment which requires bi-monthly sessions during the first six months followed by yearly reviews.

After the initial treatments to enhance their masculine features, Dr Sina works on the area around the eyes. While women tend to want bigger eyes, men prefer enhancements done in way that make their eyes more powerful and attractive. This is one of the most important differences between treatment preferences for men and women. Dr Sina also has a unique way of enhancing the lips, chin and jaw, as well as the nose.

Men’s beauty products also play a different role than women’s. Other than the differences in branding and packaging, for many years men have used creams that are remarkably similar to creams made for women. Dr Sina offers new and innovative products that suit men’s skin to help them achieve the masculine appearance that many modern men are after.

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