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Saudi Arabia Responds to Cyber Attacks

Riyad- Majalla

Saudi Arabia warned organizations in the kingdom on Monday to stay aware of potential cyber attacks including a version of the destructive Shamoon virus, as a chemicals firm reported a network disruption and the labor ministry said it had been attacked.

According to Reuters News Agency, the telecoms authority advised all parties to be vigilant for attacks from the Shamoon 2 variant of the virus, which had destroyed tens thousands of computers at oil giant Saudi Aramco in 2012.

The state news agency said the labor ministry had been hit by a cyber attack, but that its data was not affected.

Jubail-based Sadara Chemical Co, a joint venture firm owned by Saudi Aramco and U.S. company Dow Chemical, said it had experienced a network disruption on Monday morning and was proceeding to finding a solution.

Other companies in Jubail, the hub of the Saudi petrochemicals industry, also experienced network disruptions, according to sources who were not authorized to publicly discuss the matter.

Those companies sought to protect themselves from the virus by shutting down their networks, said the sources, who declined to identify specific firms.




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