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Michelle Obama and the White House “exaugural” gown


Good luck had been closely looking out for a black Capricorn girl. In 1964, she was born in Chicago, where she was luckily destined to be taken to a place that no other black American woman dared to dream of.

Michelle Robinson was an African-American girl born to a very modest family. She studied law and specialized in marketing and intellectual property. Her first steps led her to work in the Sidley Austin law firm. She was the only black young woman in the firm, where there was only one black young man named Barack Obama. Barack and Michelle admired each other, then they got married, and gave birth to two daughters.

The couple led a charmed life, and they finally reached the White House, where Michelle Obama became the lucky 44th First Lady.

She came after 43 white first ladies who preceded her to the White House.


Her husband Barack was lucky to excel in a society that believes in mental superiority, challenge and competition. He had to run his presidential campaign and Michelle had to stand by him, where she appeared to attract public attention.

As this man had to be great, and “awarded” the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 after spending less than nine months in the white house, this woman wanted to be great too – to be the most powerful woman in the world with regard to influencing the public opinion. That was achieved for her, in other words, that was wanted to be achieved. She was named the most powerful woman in the world, not due to wealth or prestige, but rather the influence she had on the public opinion. Hence, she has not just been the First lady in the US, but also in the whole world.

She had that opportunity through the Forbes magazine in 2010. Nevertheless, …

She went down the list until she came the tenth in 2015, just to be out of the top ten ultimately in 2016.


Large part of the world welcomed Michelle Obama’s arrival to the White House, only due to the fact that she is the first Lady of African origin to enter the White House – Michelle, the Afro-American Lady.

The world for the first time celebrated the end of the so-called racist era, at least in the White House.

It happened in early 2009, a black lady entered and slept in the White House. It was a romantic and charming scene!


On important occasions, when Barack Obama delivered his speeches, the US public and the world were all ears to listen to the President speaking of new horizons, programs, reforms, and election pledges, and addressing political solution for this or that issue.

Meantime, women in the US and the world, waited with eyes wide open to see Michelle’s new outfit, to take notice of an elegant, valuable subject: what dress the First lady would wear? Who is the international designer of the First Lady who stands behind the President who sleeps in the house of the “nuclear button”?


Reaching the top might be easy, but it is hard to stay there.

After two terms, good luck had to move away from the Obamas.

In 2010, one year after entering the white house as the First Lady, Michelle launched a campaign to fight childhood obesity. In the same year, the Forbes put her atop its list. Michelle came ahead of all women in the world. “She came first among the ten most powerful Ladies”.

Michelle Obama has believed in the importance of fighting childhood obesity since 2010. She has worked to stay in shape and followed a strict diet.

Malicious gossip went to say that she did so in order to be able to put on gowns and clothes designed for her in the days of power and glory.


Michelle did not maintain her first rank as the most powerful woman in 2010, so will she stay in shape and keep her diet to be able to enjoy the gowns she will take with her after departing the White House?

Michelle knows that behind each dress there is a story, a fantasy of taste, and an exchange of opinions with her designers. Also, each gown has seen millions of women boiling with jealousy and envy.

Thus, Michelle will carry away all her gowns, not to forget any except the one she will wear while departing the White House. She will forget none but tearful, nostalgia-embroidered memories.

Written by Moncef Mezghani

Portrait by Ali Mandalawi

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